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WhatsApp Video Call With More Than 4 Users, Now Available

The WhatsApp group video calling utility was widely used since Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns began. However, it had a significant limitation: It only allowed 4 users. In the beta version, WhatsApp video calls with more than four users is already available. WhatsApp group video calls are now available for up to 8 users.

WhatsApp video calling

It was easy to use WhatsApp group video calls until now. It could be accessed via the “Calls” tab. Participants had to also be added using the phone icon with + sign.

It is possible to do this through a WhatsApp Group by clicking on the phone icon in the upper left corner. To add users (always within the group), to the call,

Once we had all the numbers, we simply had to click the phone icon or the camera if we wanted to start a video chat. A call was initiated that splits the screen into four parts, one for each participant.

But… Only 4? In fact, you could not use the WhatApp video calling feature for more than four users.

Video calling WhatsApp with more than 4 users

WhatsApp version 2.20.141 and 2.20.50, respectively, allow at least 5 users. How do we update?

We will show you step-by-step how to update Android. It is similar for iOS.

Open WhatsApp first. Next, access the “Settings” option. You can check your version by going to “Help” and then “Application information”.

Version 2.20.140 is the correct version.

Next, go to Google Play Store to get the update. You can also download the Apk directly from the WhatsApp page if you are unable to find it or can’t update there. This should be done in private mode as it may block the download.

After you have downloaded and installed the Apk, you can run it. Depending on how your smartphone is configured, you may find it under “downloads” or in “documents”.

  • This will open a WhatsApp window. In it, you need to press INSTALL.
  • The installation will be completed in a very short time.
  • You can verify that the installation is complete when you see this screen.
  • Video call Whatsapp: More than Part 3
  • You can press “Open” to go back to step 1.
  • Correct version of Whatsapp

After you have downloaded the correct version, ensure that everyone who is going to be participating in your WhatsApp video chat for more than four people has it.

This can be done in different ways depending on your Operating System. You can either add participants to a group or use the “Calls” tab to make a group video call.

1. On Android

The “Calls tab” is where you press the button with a + sign in the lower left area. Next, click “New group call”, and select 7 participants. 8 would be the maximum number that initiates the call. To start the image without or with video, press the call icon (phone or camera).

2. On IPhone

We press the “Calls” tab at the top right. Then, “New group call”, select 7 participants. Next, press the call icon (phone or video)

That’s all! When you make a WhatsApp video chat with more than four users, the screen will be divided in five or more areas with the image of each participant appearing within each area.

This WhatsApp video call can be used with more than four users. However, it could also be useful for WhatsApp groups with a few members in the future. WhatsApp has 8 users. This isn’t to say that there are too many …,, but it is twice as many as before!

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