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What RAM Memory Should I Buy In My Computer

RAM is an important component to consider when purchasing technological equipment. This is a critical component in order to optimize the speed and efficiency of the machine’s operation.

There are currently a large range of RAM memories available. We want you to have the information you need in order to make an informed decision when purchasing RAM memory.

What is RAM memory?

RAM memory is the storage area that stores programs and data in technical equipment. Its name is Random Access Memory, which is Spanish for Random Access Memory.

It is part of what we call Hardware. It is directly connected with the motherboard of equipment like computers, smartphones, video games, tablets, and others. It runs the operating system as well as other programs.

RAM memory is constantly in operation. It can save and retrieve information quickly, safely and securely.

What are the key elements to consider when purchasing RAM memory?

It is important to understand the product before you buy RAM memory. The client’s needs and interests will also influence the selection of the RAM memory.

Next, we’ll discuss some essential factors that should be considered when choosing RAM.


This is an important aspect of buying RAM memory. It refers to the amount of space available to store the information.

It can be represented in megabytes, bytes or gigabytes. The higher the memory capacity, the more efficient the computer will be. 8GB is the minimum amount of memory a computer should have. It is used to store more advanced equipment or for professional and specialized jobs.

Speed and latency

After evaluating memory capacity, speed and latency should be taken into consideration. Latency refers to the amount of time memory has to wait before a data request can be made and delivered correctly. It will determine how fast you can work.

DDR4 memory is considered to have greater speed. There are also the DDR3, DDR2 or DDR4, which have slower data transfer speeds.

The speed of RAM memories is expressed in MHz. The data transmission range of RAM memories is 66 MHz up to more than 2000 Mhz per second.


It is important to understand the voltage that your motherboard can read from RAM. 1.5 V is the most widely recognized measurement. This allows for greater performance and faster speed.

Dual channel

This is the maximum memory that can support a dual channel. This allows you to place two components, instead of one. They would have double expansion and capacity.

Manufacturers and Brands

This is a significant aspect when it comes to RAM memory on the market. Although there are many brands to choose from, the same users will recommend and position certain brands in sales. This is because they offer better value for their money.

The best RAM memory options

There are many RAM memory options on the market. We will only present three of them. These RAM memories were chosen because of their high demand and distinguished characteristics. You will also find a variety of prices.

Lenovo Memory 4ZC7A08710

The Lenovo 4ZC7A08710 RAM memory is one of the most expensive on the market. Its price is justified by the many features it offers that allow it to work in an exceptional way.

It is very popular among those who do specialized work as well as fans of video gaming. Its speed is 2933 MHz. These components can be used on a PC or server. It supports DDR4 memory. It features a dual memory channel with a voltage of 1.2V.


This memory comes from the well-known Kingston Technology company. Customers love it for its high quality and affordable price. Although it is available in black, red, and black, most people prefer white.

It can store 4GB of data and has DDR3 memory. It has a speed of 1600 MHz and a voltage range of 1.5 V. This makes it ideal for operating servers like Windows, MAC, Linux.

ValueRAM KVR13N9S6/ 2

Although it is the most expensive RAM memory available, many people love its quality and excellent service. It is a well-respected brand such as Kingston Technology and many people consider it.

Their efficiency and productivity give their work a well-known boost and help to build trust.

This device is extremely efficient and works well with 2GB RAM and DDR3 memory. It is perfect for component pc/server as it has a speedy 1333 MHz. It can handle 1.5 V.

As we have seen, selecting a RAM is not something to be taken lightly. This component is crucial for the functioning of any technological device. You will get the best out of your device if you choose the right one!

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