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The Transformation And Digital Marketing Of Energy Companies

Digital is not the future, it is no longer an issue and it is no longer a necessity. This has had a profound impact on all industries, including telephony and energy. In fact, nearly all of the recent electricity and gas marketers, as well as telephony companies like Gana Energia and Suop – just to name a few – are 100% digital. This is a field where traditional marketers are not willing to lose ground.

Can the digital registration of the light be achieved?

The digital transformation has had a positive impact on the company and customers. Online management makes it much easier to manage all processes. What does this mean? You can obtain the information you need to register electricity with Iberdrola or with any of the other marketers online. It is easier to fulfill the requirements to register electricity with Iberdrola and the marketer of choice online.

This procedure is also possible with phone companies.

Yes! You can contract any of the internet offers (e.g., fiber from Orange or Movistar) electronically online as well as by phone. No matter whether you choose to hire fiber from MasMovil or Movistar, it is important for clients to get the best price. The internet can help you do this. How do you find out? It’s easy with a rate comparator. If you have any questions about Movistar fiber, don’t hesitate to read this article.

Marketing is the best strategy for digital transformation

The telephone companies and electricity companies had to change their customer service models, as well as the way that they present themselves. The internet is a powerful tool for their continued growth, so it is important to have effective digital marketing. What strategies do large companies like Endesa, Naturgy and Movistar use?

Holaluz and Pepephone wanted to create their own personalities in their texts. Their copies are detailed to convey a sense of intimacy.

It is vital to have accounts on all the major social networks. These accounts will allow you to not only report the company’s news but also solve any customer problems. You can also manage any reputation issues that may be faced by the company through social networks.

Personalized telephone services; this means that the user can have the option – as much as possible – that the same person attends to him every time he calls.

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