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How Many Operating Systems Are There For PCs

Computers are one the most sought-after technological gadgets of today. Operating systems are essential platforms needed for the computers to work.

While not being aware of these programs doesn’t prevent you from using a computer, it is essential to be familiar with the various operating systems available. We will continue to provide extensive information on this topic, which we hope you will find useful.

What is an operating system?

Operating systems are responsible for managing all the functions that a computer has. They are the primary source of action for a computer.

These programs are also known as software. It works by connecting the general computer work and users. Software and hardware will work together, so long as they are in good working order.

An operating system is essential to perform the work required by these artifacts. Without it, the computer will be useless.

Operating systems functions

  • They create methods of operation for the computer that enable you to administer certain orders.
  • They use their basic working methods to order files, put into action external resources and store information.
  • They are able to make changes in the language of the system. Transform digital codes to a language that is understandable by users
  • These devices allow for easier and more comfortable access to external devices. Printing machines, mice, keyboards are just a few of the many.
  • These allow you to manage and balance the different installed applications. This allows you to divide your memory for different programs.
  • They allow you to execute multiple operations on the same equipment simultaneously without them colliding or causing loss in quality. While accessing the hard drive or using the camera, you may be recording or saving files.
  • It allows users to create their own user and to order established functions in a way that suits their interests.

Operating systems available for PC

There are many operating systems available for managing computers on the market. Unix, DOS and AmigaOS are some of the most popular, but not widely used, operating systems for managing computers. Currently, the most popular and widely used are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The operating system comes pre-installed with every computer. However, the user can change it at their discretion. Knowing the operating system that your computer uses is essential, as some computers have certain functions or work differently.

Anybody who has access to the computer network can use it as a tool and get great value from it. We will now discuss the three most popular operating systems worldwide.

Microsoft Windows

It is the most widely used and recognized operating system in the sector. It was originally known as Interface Manager in 1985. Then it evolved into Windows 1.0. Although it was not the best operating system for many years, newer versions were created over time. Microsoft releases Windows 10, the most recent version, for the year 2015.

Windows is the most popular operating system because it offers good operation and many tools that are of use to users. Its administration is easy and simple. Get started faster and more safely.

Mac OS X

This operating system was created in 1988. It was purchased by Apple in 2001 and named Mac OS X. From 2001 to present, many updates were released. These provide improved operation and more interest for users.

Its popularity in the technological world stems from its simple use. The implementation is not difficult and it works through a dynamic, striking handling.

Only Apple computers can run the Mac OS X operating software. These hardware and software have at times received greater user interest than Windows.


Linux starts to take shape in 1980. This project gains more strength in 2001 and continues to improve over time.

It works in the same way as Windows and Mac OS X. However, you can also use it by command line.

You can access this tool easily and without the need for authorization from the developer company. It is open-source, so users can create new features.

It protects your files and information from any viruses that may be found on the internet. Because of its design, it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Operating systems are important.

The operating system is essential for programs to function properly. The operating system is the lifeblood of our computers. It also links with the hardware in order to provide the best and most useful service.

Remember that knowledge about how to use these details can help us manage our technological resources better. It is important to choose an operating system you feel comfortable with when buying a computer.

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